Nuband I Touch Activity and Sleep Tracker Review

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Nuband I Touch Activity and Sleep Tracker Review

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The Nuband I Touch comes neatly packaged and is described as the perfect fitness tracker to map your calories, distance travelled and even your sleep patterns. Oddly enough for a fitness smartwatch it includes features such as a camera remote control and phone finder.

Unboxing of the Nuband I Touch

Initial thoughts are that it is well presented and didn’t feel cheap or plasticity at all. Like many higher end smart fitness trackers it has a soft rubber texture for the main band and the plastic tracking unit attached at the top.

The setup is very simple and neat, two small metal plugs fit neatly into the holes provided on the strap. It makes a nice change to a more traditional watch that has a catch design that on occasion can get caught on your clothing.


Initial thoughts and build quality

For an item with an RRP of only £39.99 I have to admit that it is holding its own when compared to the more expensive brands such as Fitbit and Garmin. An AMOLED screen is what Nuband have used for bright clear feedback. The added benefit of using AMOLED is that the battery usage is much lower than traditional LCD fitness watches.

Although you may not be able to see form the images supplied the Nuband I Touch does have some really nice design features. The watch strap has a pleasing texture pattern and the Nuband logo is nicely printed on a small metal plate.

The Nuband also has a surprising long battery life. Off a single charge it lasts for 5-7 days of continuous use.

Availble features of the Nuband I Touch:

  • Nuband Activ+ Activity and sleep tracker
  • Track your sleep and wake up silently with a vibrating alarm
  • Gesture and touch screen controls
  • Social media notifications including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Twitter
  • Remote Camera control
  • Call reminder
  • Easy charging through detachable USB module
  • Wireless compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 upwards

Software supplied with the Nuband I Touch

An App called Nuband iTouch is available for both iPhone and Android owners. I have a Samsung S7 and it the app was setup without any problems. Input some of your personal details such as weight, height and gender etc. and you are good to go. Overall the aesthetics of the App are good. Just flicking through the available options and it seems there is a lot on offer.

We decided to test each of the features:

Calorie counter – If you are looking for a no frill simply way to count calories based on your steps then the Nuband performs very well. It may work of a simple method of calculating calories burnt depending on distance and your personal physique. But for the average person looking to improve their fitness this is more than good enough.

Reading reviews it seems many of the features have been lacking in previous versions of the device and app that have been improved over time. It’s one of the benefits of not buying an early edition, it has already been through lots of testing and bug fixes.

Pedometer – We tested the pedometer on our way to work and it was very accurate. Over a 1.5KM walk and testing it over several days there was very little difference in the recorded number of steps.

Test results were positive, numbers were always within 5% when in comparison to the numbers we counted.

Distance travelled – I would image this is more of an estimate as its calculated by taking the number of steps along with an average stride length. For those looking for more accurate measurements I would look for a watch with GPS built in. The problem is that you may be looking at 10 times the cost to buy one.

Those looking for a simple solution to work towards a goal and increase their overall fitness this solution is more than capable.

Sleep monitor – This is where the Nuband I Touch is a little let down. The sleep category included in the App is a little hit and miss. This is the specific area of the device that many people have the biggest annoyance and inaccuracies.

When we tested the sleep tracker it said that we had periods of deep sleep and light sleep. I don’t know what I am meant to do with this information. It also said that I had been asleep for approx. 30 minutes longer than I had recorded. I think it’s a little optimistic to look for a device that accurately predicts your sleep patterns for under £40.

Smartphone messaging push notifications – The Nuband I Touch seamlessly linked up to My Samsung S7 and messages from my partner did indeed come through from various social networks that we set up.

I don’t know how much use a person would get from this feature as you need your phone to be within Bluetooth range for this to work. I assume that if you are listening to music on your phone in your pocket you could quickly check for alerts just by looking at the device.

The clock and alarm feature all worked as intended as you would expect for such simplistic features of todays standards.

What not to expect from the Nuband I Touch

The Nuband I Touch can only squeeze so many features out of its limited budget. Advanced features such as heart rate monitoring and accurate GPS is a little too much to ask at this price range.


  • Good build quality
  • Good for general fitness management
  • Great battery life
  • A nice feature rich free App is supplied
  • Does the basics well
  • Nice additional features included


  • Touch screen can be a little sensitive
  • Sleep App is more of a gimmick

Final thoughts

For those looking for a basic, functional, stylish fitness tracker that allows them to work towards simple fitness goals then the Nuband I Touch is the ideal solution. Problems from previous app versions have all but disappeared and it hard to find a better budget fitness tracker than this.

What does let the Nuband I Touch down is that some of the features especially the sleep App is a little bit of a gimmick. For those able to see passed these additional extras will find themselves with one of the best budget fitness trackers on the market.

Nuband I Touch Price Comparison
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Nuband iTouch WAS £49 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(137)


5 days of battery life
About 2 to 3 hours to fully charge
Built – in rechargeable Li-on polymer battery
Plug in for charging

Product details

Size : Screen – 18 x 40mm/Band 18mm
Weight : 18.5g
Screen: AMOLED
Storage data: Sport data can be synchronized on the Nuband app and stored indefinitely
Accessories : Instruction
Software: Nuband iOS/Android

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Can the budget Nuband iTouch stack up to the giants that include Fitbit and Garmin?

It does have many pros and cons and our full review can be found below.

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