Men’s Health Adjustable Dumbbell Review

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Men’s Health Adjustable Dumbbell Review


The men’s health adjustable dumbbell is perfect for those who are short on time and space. They allow a full range of weight variations without the hassle of having to buy multiple weight stacks.

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Initial Setup

Unsurprisingly the men’s health adjustable dumbbells came neatly packages and in total weighed around 35Kg’s. The setup was very simple, place all the weight plates in the docking station supplied in the right order and with all the weight gaps facing upwards. Overall the process too around 20 minutes to set up both units.

I must add that as part of the test I bought 2 sets of these as my workout personal routine sometimes requires weights in each hand to balance out.

First thoughts and build quality

Prior to purchase I was a little sceptical that they would be fiddly and simply not as good as my current weights setup, simply trying to be everything “the jack of all trades but the king of none”. I am happy to say that I couldn’t be further from the truth. They feel very solid in the hand and none of the parts feel lacking or made from poor quality materials.

While picking up and testing the dumbbells I can also confirm that there was no rattling of the plates or movement between the weights and the bar.

How to use the adjustable dumbbells

Once you have lowered the handle into the dumbbell tray you simply have to press the red safety lock button to set them to an unlocked position.

While holding the safety button you can then select the desired weight using the dial. The weights work in 2.5Kg increments to suit your desired workout routine.

Lastly you need to release the safety lock and turn it into the lock position. You know when you have done this correctly as there will be a click sound. You can then proceed to lift the dumbbell from the tray and the correct number of plates will lift out.

Putting them to the test

My current set up at home is a variation of different weights along with a standard bench that allows a whole range of exercises. After running through a typical chest/triceps programme using my current vs new setup I found the following:

Time – I saved a lot of time using the Men’s Health adjustable dumbbells over my normal setup. I can free weight chest press much high weight than a tricep kick back. I have to spin off the locks from the dumbbells and lift off the heavier weights depending on the exercise. This can take 1-2 minutes depending on what weights are needed. This only takes seconds with the adjustable dumbbells.

Variation – The other great point about the Men’s Health adjustable dumbbells is that you can go up in 2.5kg increments right up to 35kg’s. I recommend people keeping a record of the weight they use for each exercise and this system allows you to keep progressing forward in realistic increments.

I only have 10 and 5kg plates, this can be a problem as if I want to go up a weight it can often be a little too much. Especially with smaller targeted exercises where small increments are needed.

Off topic – Why don’t gyms use adjustable dumbbells

I thought to myself, if they are so good how come gyms don’t use them as part of their setups.

A friend who works at a gym replied with the following:

  • Gym’s aren’t short on space – We can quite easily handle a full sized free weights rack with multiple weight increments.
  • More than one person can use the weights at the same time, even if somebody is using a pair of 15kg’s which you need you can either go up to 18’s or drop to 12’s.

The items need to be robust – As the weights belong to the gym and get used many times a day they need to be near indestructible. Simply locking weights to a bar cuts down on damaged equipment.


  • Saves space within your home
  • Allows minor 2.5kg increments to help progression
  • Saves times vs traditional weight setups


  • Buying a pair can be very expensive
  • A complete weights rack may be of a similar price

Final word

Initially I had my doubts whether or not the Men’s Health adjustable weights would perform against my traditional weights setup. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that they exceeded all my expectations.

Although for many the initial outlay may be high, you can be assured that once you have bought them you won’t need another set of free weights. That’s quite a powerful statement, it’s like having an entire weights stack rolled into one dumbbell. I have tested it and you have the option of 11 different weight combinations. Quite staggering really when you think about it.

A great added bonus is that you actually shave off quite a bit of time over a traditional setup for those who usually have to swap weights on a traditional spinlock bar. If you are trying to decide over a weights stack or adjustable dumbbells, then in my opinion it has to be simply the adjustable dumbbells.

Men’s Health Adjustable Dumbell Price Comparison
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Men’s health adjustable dumbell WAS £199 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(83)


Bar weight 5kg’s
Total weight 35kg’s
Size H22.5cm, W20cm, D40cm
Weight boxed approx.. 35kg’s
Some self-assembly required

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Is buying a set of adjustable dumbbells worth it? Are the any better than a traditional weights stack?

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