Pro Fitness FEB1000 Folding Exercise Bike Review

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Pro Fitness FEB1000 Folding Exercise Bike Review

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First impressions of the Pro Fitness FEB1000 Folding Exercise Bike

The Pro Fitness FEB1000 is built with comfort in mind due to the adjustable seat and self- levelling pedals and is ideal for a variety of users up to 15st 10lb (100kgs).

It is quiet and foldable, so perfect if you are limited on space, or have neighbours close by.

The Pro Fitness FEB1000 exercise bike will really help you achieve your fitness goals as there are clear multi-functions and 8 resistance levels so is ideal for a beginner who might be starting out on their fitness journey, or someone looking to maintain an existing fitness routine.

And when you’ve completed your workout, the best bit- the exercise bike folds neatly to store away and forget about!

And is a lot less bulky than most non folding bikes and therefore is easy to move around. But with a 2.5kg flywheel, will still give you a decent and sturdy workout.

As the price shows, this is a basic machine but is excellent value for money – affordable, convenient and will save you gym fees – think of all the money that you can save for that holiday, looking fit and toned!

Pro Fitness FEB1000 Folding Exercise Bike Review


The Pro Fitness FEB1000 Exercise Bike requires very little assembly and won’t take long at all to set up, just one thing to bear in mind is wherever you plan to work out needs to be on a level surface and recommended that a mat is placed under the bike for added protection.

The majority of small components are pre-fitted to larger components for easy set-up. All you need to do is to unfold the main frame and lock into use with the pin provided and then fix the handlebar, seat post, front stabiliser, saddle, pedals, console holder and cables.

The really good thing about all of this is that the tools are provided – i.e., an Allen key and a spanner.

Ensure that your exercise bike is kept in a clean dry place to avoid any corrosion as this will damage the metal parts and they may then not work properly.

The Pro Fitness FEB1000 comes with a comprehensive manual and there is also a handy video with full instructions available online. You can see the full assembly manual for the FEB1000 Folding Bike here.


The 8 level tensions ensure an excellent workout from the beginner to a moderately advanced level to really burn the calories.

The adjustable seat height and self- levelling pedals help to ensure a comfortable workout to help minimise aches and pains.

The hand grip pulse censor links your console feedback, and you can measure other things on the display screen such as Speed (workout speed), distance (distance travelled), time (activity time), calories (calories burned), Pulse (sensors measure beats per minute) and ODO (your accumulative distance). All that can be changed at the touch of the mode button.

You can therefore tailor your workout according to your body condition and your workout goals.

If you are new to, or getting back into exercise, then you can start on an easy and low resistance, then build this up over time slowly at your own pace.

Or if perhaps you’re looking to improve your fitness, you can crank up the magnetic resistance levels and give yourself a more intense workout. Either way, make realistic goals and ensure you warm up before exercising, and cool down after your workout.


The seat height is adjustable by unlocking the lock knob so that you can position the seat post downwards or upwards then secure the lock knob again.

It is advised not to pull the seat post beyond the max mark or below min mark on the post.

Your knee needs to be slightly angled with the pedal vertically down and foot parallel to the floor.

The self-levelling pedals are loaded with weights underneath to keep the pedals always level for your feet to slot into correctly when in use into the pedal straps. Something to make your ride that little bit comfier.

It is worth noting that the seat isn’t the most comfortable, so if you’re planning to spend a lot of time on this bike, it might be worth investing in a gel overlay or padded shorts.


The seat is adjustable, and it’s easily done, so you won’t have to worry about whether the seat can accommodate you and your comfort needs.

Even more unusual for a folding exercise bike is the backrest, which is usually not present in these sorts of bikes, so it is a welcome addition here and will make using the bike even more comfortable.

The manual switch to increase the magnetic resistance tension levels also add to the comfort and ease of using the FEB2000, because if you are finding one level too uncomfortable, then you can drop to one you are more comfortable with until you improve your fitness and are ready to tackle higher levels again.


The Pro Fitness FEB1000 Folding Exercise Bike folds away to free up your living area. Ready to use dimensions are D88 x W42.5 x H111cm. The folded dimensions are 42 x 42.5 x H138cms.

The exercise bike is kept in the folding position using a pin insert.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • 5kg Flywheel.
  • Very quiet to use.
  • 6 settings of console feedback
  • Adjustable seat and self-levelling pedals.
  • 8 resistance levels.
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee.


  • May not suit a very tall person.
  • Only suitable for people under 15stone 10lbs.
  • Seat can sometimes be uncomfortable.
  • Feedback screen quite small.

How does the Pro Fitness FEB1000 Bike compare to the Opti Folding Bike?

The initial difference I found was that the Pro Fitness FEB1000 exercise bike was slightly heavier than the Opti Folding Magnetic bike with the FEB1000 weighing in at 15.5kgs against 13.4kgs of the Opti Folding bike, but I was still able to assemble both models on my own. The sturdiness of the Pro Fitness FEB1000 was marginally more evident while in use.

Both models use a magnetic resistance system, which means that the magnets next to the flywheel are controlled by a tension knob that control the magnets through cables. And there was not much in it concerning the measurements of the bikes when closed for storage- just a few centimetres.

There is a difference in the weights of the flywheels of the two exercise bikes. The Pro Fitness exercise bike has a heavier flywheel of 2.5kg versus the Opti bike which is 1.6kg. This is a big difference when thinking about the sturdiness of the machine and the intensity potential of the workout.

Again, a heavier flywheel means a safer movement producing increased power at a steady rate and produces a higher combination of resistance and momentum that you can generate during a workout.

And for me, that’s what makes the £20 extra expense definitely worth it.

If you want to read more about the Opti Magnetic Bike, you can do so here.

Final thoughts on the Pro Fitness EB1000

I initially did not know what to expect from the Pro Fitness FEB1000 given that the price seemed, well on the cheap side- and a lot less than other folding bikes I’ve used in the past.

I was pleasantly surprised- it certainly gives the more expensive models a run for their money.

A definite space saver and a sturdy bike – a real handy, nippy number that you can access easily from the corner of your room, a good all round exercise bike and great value for money.

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(144)
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I was pleasantly surprised- it certainly gives the more expensive models a run for their money.

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