Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise Bike Review

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Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise Bike Review

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First impressions of the Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise Bike

At first glance, the Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise Bike looks like the standard spinning bikes you see in gyms up and down the country.

As a budget exercise bike, the design is as you’d expect- compact and minimalist. The colours are bright and stand out, you notice the standard features like the bottle holder, central monitor and extended handles.

It has a sturdy (and shiny!) 13.8kg flywheel and variable tension control, so you can give yourself a good workout, and track key metrics as you go.

All in all, it looks like a bike that will definitely do the job and give you a fantastic cycle workout.

Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise Bike Review


Generally, the bike was easy to set up. I followed the instructions and used the tools provided, and it was smooth sailing until I got to the handlebars.

One of the holes did not align with the handlebars so I couldn’t screw it in. Luckily, I was able to drill a hole myself to fix this, but this would obviously be an issue for people who are not handy in that way. It took extra time and effort, but it was easy to do.

It came in about 13 different parts that needed putting together, but all the screws and tools needed came with it, which was a big help.

It probably took about 2 hours to put together (but I probably could have halved that if I didn’t have the handlebar issue).

The weight of the bike is 37 kgs, but as it has wheels, I set it up in the lounge and moved it to a different room, so that wasn’t an issue. And the dimensions of the Optic Exercise bike are H116 x W51 x D106cm.

You can see the full manual for the Opti Bike here.


For a basic bike, this model has everything you’d need and expect.

You can adjust the height of the seat as well as moving it forward and backwards, and also the height of the handlebars too, so everybody will be able to find a comfortable and suitable workout position. The handlebars are curved, which gives you a number of different gripping positions.

The resistance is altered by manually turning a dial, the dial is positioned right in front of you on the central bar and it’s easy to adjust the resistance. The pedals are self-levelling, adjustable and have straps to hold your feet in.

The computer display, isn’t anything fancy, but gives you what you need- by the simple push of the “mode” button, you can measure time, speed, distance, calories. Or if you can’t decide, just choose “Scan” and the display will rotate between all metrics.

I did compare the bike readings to my SMART watch (as always), and there were some differences, but as long as you’re using the same version of the truth for each workout then that shouldn’t matter too much and will make things easily comparable!

There’s a bottle holder, which is always handy. And I did manage to use the shape of the handlebars to rest my phone on, to keep me entertained…


This bike is built well, very sturdy, and you really feel safe and comfortable on it. The bike comes with a 13.8KG flywheel, heavy enough for those who want a high intensity workout, yet not too heavy for casual users.

Despite only weighing 37KGs, the frame is strong and can support users of up to 18st 13lb (120KGs), which is likely to be suitable for most. Also, the fact that you can adjust the seat and the handlebars means that whether you’re tall or short, you can find the cycling position that’s right for you.

For me, one of the best design features are the transportation wheels, which lets you easily move the bike from room to room, or just roll it out of the way once you finish your workout.


The seat is adjustable, and it’s easily done, so you won’t have to worry about whether the seat can accommodate you and your comfort needs.

Even more unusual for a folding exercise bike is the backrest, which is usually not present in these sorts of bikes, so it is a welcome addition here and will make using the bike even more comfortable.

The manual switch to increase the magnetic resistance tension levels also add to the comfort and ease of using the FEB2000, because if you are finding one level too uncomfortable, then you can drop to one you are more comfortable with until you improve your fitness and are ready to tackle higher levels again.


For an entry level bike, the Opti Aerobic performs superbly well. Whether you just want to casually pedal while watching TV for an hour or find an intense workout video to follow on YouTube, this bike can do both and everything in between.

The adjustable parts help you find the perfect workout position and the central computer helps you see how far along in your workout you are, and motivates you during workouts.

It is particularly useful for interval training, where being able to see a running clock and knowing how long you have to push for, helps you finish the interval.

As already mentioned, although it has a calorie counter, it isn’t accurate as you can’t input your age, weight and height – so I recommend using a sports watch and external heart rate monitor.


  • System feedback including time, speed, distance and calories
  • Manually adjusted resistance
  • Easily adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Self-levelling pedals
  • Maximum user weight 18st 13lb (120KGs)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Handlebars difficult to assemble.
  • Pedals might need extra fastening, as one seemed flimsy.
  • The bike doesn’t have any built-in workouts.
  • System feedback can sometimes be inaccurate
  • No heart rate feature

How does the Opti Aerobic Bike compare to the Pro Fitness EB2000?

Well, price wise these two exercise bikes will set you back the same amount – £249.99, so you’d expect them to have similar if not identical features.

And while on the design side, they’re similar – adjustable seat and handlebars, self-levelling pedals with straps.

But on the performance side you can get a lot more for your money with the Pro Fitness EB2000. The main thing it has over the Opti Aerobic is the computer system. The resistance is altered electronically, and it has 12 built in workouts – which is outstanding for a product of this price.

The in-ride feedback is also superior on the Pro Fitness EB2000, where as well as the usual information, this bike has hand grip pulse sensors, to give you your heart rate in real time.

However, the flywheel is heavier on the Opti Aerobic (double the weight), so if you know what you’re doing and don’t need to follow a built-in workout, then you will be able to get a more challenging and effective workout on the Opti Aerobic Bike.

Dimensions wise, both bikes are the same size and even have the same weight capacity.

Overall, both products are similar, but if you want simplicity and pre-programmed workouts to follow then maybe the smart money would be on the Pro Fitness EB2000.

But, if you are after more intensity and are happier creating your own workouts then the Opti Aerobic Bike would be a better option.

If you’re still thinking about it, you can read our full review on the Pro Fitness EB2000 Exercise Bike here.

Final thoughts on the Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise Bike

The Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise Bike is a great entry level machine, and the pros far outweigh the cons.

The price of this bike is excellent for what you’re getting, and with the number of free videos on YouTube, you can find workouts of every kind to suit your needs.

This bike is well designed, and as long as it’s looked after it should last at least 5 years, with the manufacturer offering a 1-year warranty.

While anybody can use this product, it is particularly suited to experienced users who don’t need to follow a specific workout. People with any level of fitness could use this bike to good effect, as you can pedal lightly while watching TV or do a fully intensive workout.

The Argos owned Opti brand is meant to be their budget range, but after testing this Opti Aerobic Manual Exercise bike, it definitely isn’t a budget piece of equipment!

Cheapest Opti Aerobic Manual Bike Price
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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(96)
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As a budget exercise bike, the design is as you’d expect- compact and minimalist. The colours are bright and stand out, you notice the standard features like the bottle holder, central monitor and extended handles.

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