JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike Review

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JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike Review

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First impressions of the JTX Cyclo-3 Exercise Bike

The JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike is a high-quality exercise bike, designed to give you the same feel of a spinning class in a commercial gym.

JTX usually provide commercial grade quality exercise bikes and they have transferred this style and feel to their at-home exercise bike, whilst not compromising on build quality.

The Cyclo-3 is compact, lightweight in comparison to commercial exercise bikes, and priced at a level that is not going to break the bank. Win, win!

The Cyclo-3 comes with a large 17kg flywheel, which is essential for a smooth and balanced ride, and JTX have also maximised comfort through a foam padded seat and multiple adjustment positions on the handlebars and seat.

The display is a simple design offering the basic feedback metrics- although one downside is that there is no Bluetooth connectivity.

There are also no built-in programmes, so the variety in your workouts will have to come from you. This is made easy to do through the intuitive resistance control, where you simply turn the resistance knob to simulate a hill or the other way to reduce intensity.

The JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike should be suitable for a wide range of users, from beginner to intermediate and is overall a sturdy, robust and well put together indoor exercise bike.

JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike Review


The first thing to note about the Cyclo-3 is that it is relatively simple and quick to put together, something which is always an added bonus when it comes to purchasing at-home gym equipment.

Once assembled, the bike weighs in at around 42kg (c6 stone), with dimensions of L120cm, W51cm and H101cm.

This is a fairly compact design, great for storage or if you are limited on space, however it doesn’t fold, so bare that in mind if you are looking to maximise space.

Despite this compact design, one of the standout features of the Cyclo-3 is the premium build quality.

The robust and solid frame provides that quality assurance, optimized by the huge 17kg flywheel and the Cyclo-3 has a generous max user weight of 140kg, making it suitable for lots of people.

JTX have also designed the bike to be comfortable in use, with a large, padded seat, which can adjust both vertically and horizontally and is easily secured though quick-release bolts.

The handlebars can also be adjusted to suit the user needs and the pedal system comes with toe clips as standard, which ensure your feet won’t slip while pedalling.


As mentioned, the JTX Cyclo-3 comes with a large 17kg flywheel, which provides a smooth and balanced ride.

The high-quality engineering and drive belt also help produce a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

These two factors mean that it’s not a chore to ride the bike, and you shouldn’t come away after exercising with joint pain, something that cheaper at home exercise bikes can often lead to which is down to the inferior build quality.


The Cyclo-3 doesn’t come with any in-built programmes and it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, so if you are looking for variety in your workouts, this will have to come from you.

This a slight downside in my book, as I personally like to have varying options available to me, however the resistance system makes up for this.

JTX call it infinite resistance, which already sounds intriguing. The bike will automatically adjust your resistance based on how hard and quick your pedalling is.

There is also a manual control option, where you can just turn the knob one way to simulate a hill and really get the sweat flowing or conversely, turn the knob the other way to reduce resistance. There is also an emergency stop in place as an added safety feature.

In terms of display controls, the Cyclo-3 offers the basics.

The easy-to-read LCD panel will display time, speed, distance, calories and pulse and you can also do the usual scan between all of them. This is a fairly standard feature but does the job well enough.


  • Large 17kg flywheel
  • Infinite resistance control
  • Strong and sturdy
  • 6 feedback features and pulse sensor
  • Compact design
  • 145kg (just under 23 stone) max user weight
  • Large, padded seat
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Toe clip pedals
  • Commercial quality
  • 1 year repair and 10-year frame warranty


  • Basic display panel
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No in-built programmes
  • Non-foldable

How does the JTX Cyclo-3 compare to the Pro Fitness EB3000?

Price wise, the JTX offering is slightly more expensive than the Pro Fitness EB3000, although for me, this is well justified.

Firstly, the Cyclo-3’s 17kg flywheel is a substantial 8kg heavier than the EB3000’s 9kg and this results in a smoother and more commercial grade quality feel.

This is further backed up in the overall build and design quality, where I think the Cyclo-3 just looks and feels sturdier and more robust when in-use, meaning you shouldn’t wobble or feel an imbalance when riding.

This is reflected in the 9kg difference between the two bikes, making the Cyclo-3 slightly more cumbersome to move around, although transport wheels help with this.

The Pro Fitness EB3000 does have a strong variety of in-built programmes, with 18 on offer, something the Cyclo-3 doesn’t and both bikes have basic display consoles, as well as adjustable seat and handlebar heights, although the padded seat and toe straps on the Cyclo-3 were more comfortable to use.

This means in terms of features, the Pro Fitness EB3000 wins out, however if I was buying an at-home exercise bike, I would prioritise the build and riding quality over this and therefore the JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike would be my choice out of these two.

You can read more about the Pro Fitness EB3000 Exercise bike in our full review. Or another option for you could be the Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike which is more like a spinning bike and has similar qualities to the JTX Racer.

Final thoughts on the JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike

JTX have built a strong reputation for providing high quality, robust and stylish gym equipment and the Cyclo-3 is no exception.

The lack of variety in features is something that could be improved but the commercial riding quality and brilliant resistance system make up for this and then some (in my opinion).

At around £350, it’s certainly not the cheapest on the market, however you get what you pay for with the Cyclo-3 and overall, I would say this would make an excellent addition to any at-home gym for any level of user.

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Cyclo-3 WAS £359 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 5 out of 5(23)
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The JTX Cyclo-3 Indoor Racer Bike is a high-quality exercise bike, designed to give you the same feel of a spinning class in a commercial gym.

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