Davina Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

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Davina Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike Review


Looking for a cheap and light weight folding bike that ticks all the boxes? The Davina McCall folding magnetic exercise bike shows promise with good value for money.

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Order and delivery

Delivery was on time and packed nicely in its box, it wasn’t that heavy, weighing in at around 15.5kg’s. We had it delivered as at the time we didn’t have an easy way to get it home from our local store.

Initial Setup

Setup for the Davina exercise bike is simple, it comes mainly pre-assembled. With our model we only had to attach the seat, fold out the handle bars and attach the LCD feedback unit.

This bike is not a mains powered bike, you have to place the 2xAAA batteries into the LCD unit and you can start.

First thoughts and build quality

I have to admit that my first thought were a mixture or good and bad. Firstly the quality was not as high as the Jet 100 bike that I use as part of my normal workout, but it would be wrong to even compare the two.

The Davina magnetic bike is aimed towards a target market who like a simple setup with the option of easy storage and the ability to put the bike anywhere around the home, without having to be near a mains socket. Looking at the bike from this angle makes it an ideal solution for a huge number of people.

For such a small unit it offers a surprisingly sturdy frame with a good level of support and comfortable hand grips. I have to say it’s starting to grow on me.

Adjustbale seat

The adjustable seat on the Davina folding bike is a good quality square system. This means that unlike other budget bike this isn’t likely to shift as you ride. The seat itself is a standard sponge and will suit the needs of regular riders.

Don’t worry if initially it the seat feels quite hard, this is for two reasons:

Firstly if you are new to cycling typically there is a 1-2 week period where you may develop some pain, this is known as ‘saddle sore’. It happens when you start to use muscles (mainly around your buttocks and inner thighs) that you may not have used before. Don’t let this put you off, this will soon pass over time and this pain should not return if you use the bike regularly.

Secondly the seat foam is usually ridged when leaving the factory and becomes softer over time. After a few weeks it will become noticeable softer as you ride.

Magnetic resistance system and 1.6kg fly wheel

This version of the Davina bike comes with a magnetic resistance system. As the name suggests it uses various levels of magnetic resistance (8 in total) to create difficulty for the rider.

The tension control is good, however I had to turn it to almost maximum before I was at a comfortable level where I could feel I was really putting my muscles under some stress. For the majority of users this won’t be an issue but for regular cyclists or naturally heavier people this may be of concern.

A real benefit of the Davina folding bike is that they have managed to pack a very nice 1.6kg fly wheel in a very small space. This gives you a much smoother even feeling as you cycle compared to a budget treadmill.

Self-levelling pedals

A nice touch that you don’t find on many budget bikes are self-levelling pedals. This saves the annoying of having to constantly move your feet around to find the pedals after you have climbed onto the bike.

LCD Display

The Davina bike comes with better than average set of LCD features. It has your standard readings that include time, speed and distance but also the addition of hand grip pulse sensors. This allows detailed readings for your heart rate and calories burnt, a nice addition considering how low the cost of this bike really is.


  • Very easy set up process
  • Good number of features
  • 1.6kg fly wheel
  • Self-levelling pedals


  • Lacking slightly at high levels of resistance
  • No water bottle holder

Final word

Sitting firmly in the recommended section of the mobile bike category is the Davina magnetic exercise bike. It has all the features that you would need without the high price tag.

Those looking for a regular workout but require a quick setup and the added flexibility of being able to use the bike easily in any room would be very happy with this purchase.

Davina Magnetic Exercise bike Price Comparison
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Davina Bike WAS £89 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(195)


8 levels of tension
Magnetic resistance
1.6kg fly wheel
Self levelling pedals
LCD feedback including time, distance, speed heart rate and claories.
Hand grip heart monitor
Maximum user weight 100kg

Product details

Size open H115, W40, D75
Size folded H135, W35, D40cm
Weight 16kg’s boxed
1 year warranty
Self-assembly required

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How does the Davina folding magnetic bike stand against the others in the tough exercise bike category? Surprisingly well in fact.

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