Pro Fitness XT2000 Cross Trainer Review

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First impressions of the Pro Fitness XT2000

This Pro Fitness XT2000 is a fantastic substitute for the cross trainers that you would find in the gym- some might say, gym quality at a budget price!

It comes with 16 different speeds and 12 user programmes so you really can find a setting that is perfect for you and your fitness level.

It has a heavy two-way 6kg flywheel which works alongside an electromagnetic resistance system, which means that you don’t just get a variety of levels, they can be changed at the easy push of a button on the LCD display.

One downside for some with this system is that it is mains powered so you will need to put it near a plug socket. But at 1.62m x 0.68m x 1.25m, the equipment really is compact enough for you to find a corner of a room to store it in- maybe even in the lounge so you can watch your favourite programme and sweat off some calories at the same time!

The transportation wheels help with moving it from place to place if you need to, so remember that too.

Pro Fitness XT2000 Review


In terms of the performance, the Pro Fitness XT2000 Cross Trainer really delivers.

Not only does it provide you with different programmes to help you on your fitness journey, but it also advises in the instruction manual about how to get the most out of your new machine to help you achieve your personal goals.

This cross trainer has a heart rate sensor that monitors your beats per minute, and the instruction manual tells you the beats per minute you should be at if you are looking to burn fat, do intermediate aerobic exercises, or perform cardiovascular exercises.

If you need to move up or down on the beats per minute scale, then you simply drop or move up a level on the tension control and you’ll be able to better manage your workout so it allows not only your machine to perform at its best, but you too!


The best part about this machine is the impressive range of metrics that it can monitor for you as you workout.

The 16 different tension levels and 12 user programmes really will get you working up a sweat, and the machine can monitor your progress to see how well you are performing. It really is a gym standard machine in your own home!

If you aren’t sure about how to achieve your goals, the 12 pre-set programmes can help.

You select what number you want to do using the “mode” button and each one changes the resistance and intensity levels as your progress through the workout.

Whether that means focusing on body fat, heat rate, or even if you wanted to create your own programmes- you can do that too!

The 5 inch LCD display screen will monitor everything from your speed, distance travelled, calories burned, pulse rate, temperature and much more, so you get an actual idea about your overall fitness levels and how hard you have pushed yourself that day, in that exercise.

Build Quality

The Pro Fitness has made sure that this cross trainer is not only of a gym standard in performance, but in build quality too.

You get everything you need to construct the cross trainer from the main frame and stabilisers right the way down to the nuts and bolts, so you can be sure that you have everything you need to build it to the manufacturer’s exacting standards.

The manual that comes with it is relatively straightforward and it should take one person no longer than a few hours to set up. But when you are up and running, the ride is smooth, comfortable and there will be no stopping you!

You can take a look at the assembly manual here.


We’d find it difficult to argue about the price of this product.

Not only is it built to last, comes with a 1-year manufacturers guarantee, and has the performance of a gym level cross trainer thanks to its 16 different tension levels and 12 user programmes for maximum workout potential, but only comes in at around £350- for a piece of kit of this standard, that is more than reasonable!


Thinking about comfort when you’re trying to workout might not be something most people are concerned about, but with a cross trainer comfort means everything.

Because of the increased number of tension levels available on the XT2000, you need to have something to counterbalance the resistance so that it doesn’t feel as though you are trying to hike up crumbling rocks.

The 6kg flywheel is that counterbalance, and it makes everything much smoother, even at those higher tension levels.

The 13-inch stride is comfortable for most people too, so it doesn’t feel as though you are overexerting yourself (or your joints) too much, but you know that you’re getting a good workout.


  • 12 User Programmes
  • 16 levels of resistance at the push of a button
  • 6kg Flywheel
  • Possible To Target Body Fat Specifically With One Programme
  • Electromagnetic Resistance System For Steady Increase In Difficulty
  • Straight Forward Instructions For Set Up
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • 13 Inch Stride
  • Set Personal Goals For You: Cover Distance, Set A Time, Set Amount Of Calories You Want To Burn
  • No max height recommendations (but the pedal goes up to 42cm high, so you may need to consider the height of your room).


  • Max user weight of 120kgs (just under 19 stone)
  • Can sometimes be noisy when upping resistance levels

How does the Pro Fitness XT2000 compare to the XT1000?

At around £50 cheaper, you might find yourself asking the question, is the Pro Fitness XT2000 worth the extra? Well, we definitely would say yes!

This machine has double the amount of resistance levels than the XT1000, it has 12 user programmes and an electromagnetic resistance system vs a magnetic one. So even though you have to plug in, you can change all settings by the touch of a button.

We think for a small amount extra, you get so much more in terms of features and variety- and after all, you want to keep mixing your workouts up, or you risk losing motivation!

One point is that if you don’t have the ability to put your machine by a plug socket, then the XT1000 might be better for you.

You can read our full review on the Pro Fitness XT1000 to see if it might be a consideration for you!

Another thing worth mentioning is this cross trainer also comes in a 2 in 1 version with an upright bike option too.

It has all the same features as the Pro Fitness XT2000, and is around the same price, but also gives you the option to use as a bike too. It might be worth seeing if the Pro Fitness XTS2000 2 in 1 Cross Trainer could be something to consider and also gives you more variety to your home workout routine!

Final thoughts on the Pro Fitness XT2000 Cross Trainer

The Pro Fitness XT2000 is the cross trainer for you if you’re looking for a close-to-gym-level standard, without having to pay extortionate prices.

Be aware that it is mains powered though, so you will need to determine whether it’s right for you.

But, with all it’s features, it should suit everybody of all fitness levels. So, if you’re just starting out and looking to lose a little weight, or if you’re a regular gym goer but just want something a little extra at home, then this machine will work for you thanks to its 12 different programmes and 16 tension levels.

The information that the cross trainer gathers about your workout isn’t just for show either, it’s information you’ll really take notice of when monitoring changes in your fitness level.

And the best part is, it’s a great price for the standard that it sets! The Pro Fitness XT2000 Cross Trainer is a brilliant piece of home workout equipment, and if plugging it in isn’t a problem for you and you have the room for it, then it’s certainly worth considering.

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Pro Fitness XT2000 Cross TrainerGTR price checkingWAS £429CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (10)


Build Quality
Value for Money
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