Best Treadmills for the Money – December 2016

Each month we look at a range of features, benefits and most importantly the cost of a treadmill from a supplier. Manufacturers are constantly adding new models and releasing updated versions of their current range.

Suppliers often want to get rid of excess stock or stock that has been in its inventory for some time. All of this leads to vastly different pricing on a regular basis, we track all the data each month for every supplier and give a monthly roundup of our preferred choice as well as the cheapest place on the web to buy them.

best budget treadmill December 2016 roger black plus Roger black Plus
WAS £549.99
NOW £259.99
With an RRP of £599 this would normally be classed as a mid-range treadmill. This would be perfectly acceptable as it has a host of great features including 10 user programmes, solid 2.5hp motor and MP3 playback.

This month it has the sale price of £259, which gives you and incredible pound to performance ratio. At this price I believe it gives even those on a tight budget an option to pick up a very affordable treadmill.


reebok gt30 premium treadmill reebok gt30 premium treadmill Reebok GT30
WAS £799.99
NOW £399.99
The Reebok GT30 is a solid performer within the Reebok range, feature packed including MP3 playback, ONE series cushioning, 16 user programmes and all backed up with Reebok’s 10 year warranty.

Both new and existing runners will benefit from the GT30. From the moment you step onto the running track you can feel the quality that has gone into creating this treadmill. This would normally cost you £799 but this is currently on offer for £399, quite simply an incredible price that gives you a near gym quality treadmill at home.


reebok jet 300 platinum treadmill reebok jet 300 platinum Reebok Jet 300
WAS £1399.99
NOW £699.99
Our recommended platinum pick this month is the Reebok Jet 300. Included in this latest model all the features you could possibly want including MP3 playback, 27 user programmes and the built in adjustable cooling fan make this the ultimate home running machine.

Ideal for those looking for the ultimate in home gym equipment, the Jet 300 packs a 2.5hp motor and 15 levels of incline. Rounding off this running machine is a clear and simple and aesthetically beautiful blue LCD feedback unit.

This month the Reebok Jet 300 is at the amazingly low price of £699.99 half the price of the RRP of £1399.99. This is quite simply a platinum treadmill firmly placed in a mid-level price bracket.